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  • Bubble Wrap

    We offer all specifications of bubble wrap designed to package and protect your products, including medical devices, during shipment.

  • Cidex OPA Solution

    Since its introduction in 1999, thousands of healthcare facilities around the world have been using CIDEX® OPA Solution every day to safely high-level disinfect flexible endoscopes and other medical devices.

  • Cidex OPA Test Strips

    CIDEX® Test Strips provide a rapid and easy measure of the minimum effective concentration (MEC) to enable an optimal reuse of CIDEX® Activated Glutaraldehyde Solution and CIDEX®OPA Solution.

  • Kraft Rolls

    We offer all sizes and specifications for your kraft paper roll requirements to prepare and protect your products for transport.

  • Packing Slip Envelopes

    All specifications and sizes readily stocked.

  • SealedAir Instapak Quick RT Packaging

    SealedAir Instapak Quick® RT provides general duty cushioning and light blocking and bracing for products of all different sizes and weights. It is designed to work across a wide range of applications, particularly medical device packaging.

  • Shrink Wrap

    We offer all specifications and sizes of shrink wrap to protect your products and pallets for delivery.

  • Specialty Bags

    We carry an extensive line of bags in stock or can make custom for your requirements within days. Many options include re-closable or open with ties.